International Book Lunch

Utolsó módosítás: 2017. március 13.

Within the framework of the Hungarian Science Festival of the Eszterházy Károly University an international book lunch was held by the Doctoral School of Education and the Institute of Educational Science.

New Aspect in European Teacher Education is a collection of essays about the different aspect of techer education selected from the lectures and poster presentation held on the International Seminar on Teaching, Teacher Education and Teacher Educators in 2015, Eger. The book were edited by Dr. Iván Falus and Judit Orgoványi-Gajdos.
The contains of the book:
Jean Murray: Trends in teacher education across Europe: an initial analysis
Hannu L. T. Heikkinen: Bridging Informal and Formal Learning in Professional Development
Peter Earley and Sara Bubb: Schools as Learning Communities: Effective Professional Development
Jurriën Dengerink: Teacher educators´ competencies: what is needed in a multi-faceted and contested profession
Meinert Meyer: Beyond Fragmentation - Opening the European Space for Didactics, Learning and Teaching
Györgyi Kovács: Gamification in Teacher Education. Experiences Based on a Gamified Online Language Pedagogy Course
Adrienn Fekete, Roland Hegedűs and Krisztina Sebestyén: First-Year English and German Language Teacher Majors' Profile: From Where? Who? Why? and How?
Ildikó Furka: Implementing a portfolio based evaluation system to foster internal motivation in foreign language learning
Judit Orgoványi-Gajdos: Differences between expert and novice teachers' attitude to challenging classroom situation

Teachers' Professional Development on Problem Solving - Theory and Practice for Teachers and Teacher Educators written by Orgoványi-Gajdos Judit was published by Sense Publishers in 2016.

The book provides a theoretical and practical background for this step-by-step problem solving-oriented thinking process. The practical activities can help teachers to frame and identify their challenges, to analyse the cause and effect of their situation, and also to find their own solutions and strategies. The material in this book can be used in pre-service or in-service teacher training that deal with pedagogic cases, or challenges of teaching and learning processes. However, most of the tools can also be used individually by teachers at any stage of their career, including any type of compulsory education, thanks to the clear description of each technique.
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