International conference

Utolsó módosítás: 2017. március 13.

International Seminar on Teaching, Teacher Education and Teacher Educators

On the 7th of September, 2015 the lecturers of our department participated and took part in the organizational process of the International Seminar on Teaching, Teacher Education and Teacher Educators. The presentations given by prominent representatives of the research and practice of teacher education elaborated on the experiences and latest results of their researches.

The lectures of the conference:

Prof. Jean Murray: Divergence and convergence in European teacher education
Hannu Heikkinen: Bridging Informal and Formal Learning in Professional Development
Prof. Jan Jurrien Dengerink: Teacher educators´ competencies – what is needed in a multi-faceted and contested profession
Prof. Sara Bubb: Successful induction of new teachers (Workshop)
Prof. Peter Earley: School as learning society - Effective professional development
Prof. Peter Gray: Teacher Education: The limits of research and the possibilities for action
Prof. Meinert Meyer: Beyond Fragmentation - Opening the European Space for Didactics, Learning and Teaching

The lectures can be seen here:



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