The staff of the Department of Pedagogy

Utolsó módosítás: 2017. március 13.

The staff of the Department of Pedagogy

Dr. Istvan Perjés

Research areas: strategies and curriculum, embedding quality culture in higher education, social pedagogy, philosophies of education

Current researches:

Knowledge Management in Higher Education, Socio-cultural Aspects of Education, Myth and Culture in School

Teaching areas: (BA courses): Modern Education, Philosophies, (MA courses): Education Philosophies and
Social Theories, Teaching and Learning Theories

Dr. Irén Virág

Research areas: History of Education, Educator training, Teacher competences

Current researches:

History of Teaching and Education, The Education of hungarian Aristocracy in the first half of the
19th century, The presence of philanthropism in Hungary

Tecahing aresas: (BA courses): The Beginnings of Education and Its European Classics (Anfänge der
Erziehung und ihre klassischen Vertreter in Europa), Reading Texts in Foreign Language Teaching (MA courses): Pedagogical Planning and Evaluation (Pädagogische Planung und Bewertun)

Dr. Janos Ollé

Research areas: Teaching and Learning Strategy in the Educational Process, Online Learning Environments, open education, distance education, instructional design

Teachnig areas: information society, eLearning, educational technology, distance education, didactics, classroom management, research methodology, educational measurement, information science and media

Dr. Zsolt Mogyorosi

Research areas: Equity in Education, Equity Pedagogy, Teacher training

Current researches:

Educational integration of Romani students, Methods and innovations in Educational Equity

Teaching areas (BA courses): Basics of Educational Sociology Models and Strategies in Teaching and Learning (MA courses):Multicultural Education

Dr. Laszlo Kovacs

Research areas: History of education Church and education – with special emphasis on Catholic convents, History and culture of nationalities – local historical aspects



Current researches: 

History of Teaching and Education; Cultural Traditions of Minority Communities

Teaching areas:  Minority communities and the majority of society – Education and Culture; History of Education; Hungarian education history (in Hungarian)

Csaba Kolozsvari

Research areas: Special education (language skill developement; speech therapy)


Teaching areas: Educational integration of students with special educational needs

Judit Orgoványi-Gajdos

Research areas: Teacher Education (models), Pre-service and beginning teachers (challenges, beliefs, development of practical knowledge), Case-based learning in TE, Teacher roles, Theory and practice of teaching,
Teacher competencies (problem solving skill), Curriculum development, Educational Design Research


Current Researches:
Pre-service and beginning teachers' challenges and dispositions, The development of teachers' problem solving skill

Teaching areas: Professional self-understanding, Pedagogical cases, Former educational experiences and beliefs of teaching, Introduction into the education science


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